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Why Fotobooks?

Photographs are special, because they preserve our memories: of good times, with friends, family, on holidays.... or it could be a once in a life time event or adventure. In this day and age of Digital Photography, it has becomes easier to take photographs, as a result everyone has a huge photo collection.

But viewing and sharing photos has not been as easy...
Sure, we can show it via a computer or put it on a web page, but its not always convenient or, your friends and relatives may not be so computer literate.


if your precious photographs can be printed onto a hardcover coffee-table with a choice of binding and covers of your choosing... much more easier and fun, to share your photos;
or impress your friends!

Not only books...

You can take your photos and transform it into:

Greeting Cards

Types of Fotobooks

Ecaz offers an array of choices for different types of Fotobooks, listed below.

Cover and Binding

Hard Cover

For Hardcover Fotobooks, 1500gm chipboard, covered in black linkmaster is used as the cover material. The result is a handsomely bound book that will not look out of place on your bookself. A durable binding method is used, ensuring your precious Fotobooks last a long time.

Optionally, a jacket can be ordered with the Fotobook.

Go for a Hardcover Fotobook if you want a classy, durable product with which to display and share your photos/memories for years to come. Hardcover Fotobooks also make excellent and exclusive gifts or promotional items.

Other fabrics/coverings and colurs may be availbale on special orders.


Softcover books uses 216gm card as covers, with a durable binding. Usually, softcover books can have images printed on both front and back covers.

Softcover Fotobooks are lower in costs, and would be a excellent as higher volume promotional items for events and occassions. We recommend that Softcover Fotobooks should not be thicker than 100 pages (50 sheets) as the binding will not be as durable.




Wirebound books uses a spiral wire binding, has a translucent platic cover over a 230gm 'inside' cover. Softcover books also have images on both front and back covers.

Wirebound Fotobooks have the advantage that they lay flat when opened, allowing it to be more suitable when displaying photos for small groups.

Format & Sizes


This is the shape of the Fotobooks and their orientation.

Rectangular Fotobooks with Binding along its shorter sides


These are the sizes of the Fotobooks, in inches.

10" x 13"

8.5" x 11"

6" x 8"


Have your Fotobooks prensented in a prestigous gift box,
made of the same material as the harcover books.

Making your Fotobook

There are 2 parts to the process of creating a Fotobook, the first involves you creating a PDF file for the album. Secondly, upload the PDF file to Ecazstudios, and specify the type of book that you want.

Creating the PDF File

To produce a Fotobook or related materials, we accept files in PDF format. Althought here are many choices of software(SW) for creatng PDF files. The easiest way to do this, from our experiance, is to use Apple's iPhoto (which is supplied free with each Apple Macintosh).

The software packages provide a range of pre-designed templates, allows for easy layout and provide features that ensure that your Fotobooks are of consistent quality. For e.g the SW will warn you when it detects that the photos are not of sufficient resolution for the required Fotobook sizes, ensure that colours are reporoduced correctly when the Fotobook is output as PDF.

You may produce Photobooks with other SW and systems, but then the quality of the output PDF file depends very much on the user's expertise.

When creating your Fotobook, you have to decide on a few specifications:

size - e.g. 6" x 8", 8.5" x 11", 10" x 13"
cover type - e.g. hardcover, softcover, wirebound

* if you are unsure of the specifications, have a look at Types of Fotobook


Once the files have been successfully uploaded, Payment can be made by various means: PayPal, iPay88, and Credit Cards Bank Deposits or Direct Debit TT (Telegraphic Transfer)

For PayPal and Credit Crad payments, the transaction is immediate, ie: payemnt is made to our account once the action on the web forms are completed. For the other payment methods, there will be a 1 to 2 day delay as we wait for the confirmation of the transfer of funds from our bank. We shall commence processing of the Fotobooks upon confirmation of payment.

Ordering your Fotobook

Once you have created your PDF file of your Fotobook, enter our Fotobook Website to place your order. There, you'll be guided to enter the specifications for your Fotobook, some of which you wold have already determined when you created the PDF file; others may allow you to customize your Fotobook, by choosing the type & material of the cover for your Fotobook, paper type etc...

Please note that specifications that you set when creating the PDF file cannot be changed when producing the physical book itself, ie:

If the PDF file is for a 6" x 8" book,
it cannot be printed as a 8.5" x 11" book!

Once you have placed the Order, you will have to upload the PDF file onto our servers. You will be guided on how to do this, when ordering from our website. Depending on the size of the file and speed of your internet, this takes about 15min to 30min for a 40pg 8" x 12" Fotobook (this is an average).

As an alternative, or if there are problems with the internet, the files can be submitted via CD to our office, or via our partners.

Completion & Delivery

Normally, a Fotobook takes about 7 working days, from the time the file has been received by us and payment has been made. This applies to all types of Fotobooks.

For the delivery of the Fotobooks, the customer can either pick up the finished Fotobook from our office address, or pay for shipping.


Calculations as per Courier charges


Size Cover Pages Price
10"x13" Hardcover 20 219.00
10"x13" Hardcover 30 259.00
10"x13" Hardcover 40 329.00
10"x13" Hardcover 50 369.00
10"x13" Hardcover 100 599.00
6"x8" Hardcover 20 89.00
6"x8" Hardcover 30 109.00
6"x8" Hardcover 50 139.00
6"x8" Hardcover 100 239.00
8.5"x11" Hardcover 20 129.00
8.5"x11" Hardcover 30 149.00
8.5"x11" Hardcover 40 199.00
8.5"x11" Hardcover 50 219.00
8.5"x11" Hardcover 100 369.00
6"x8" Softcover 20 45.00
6"x8" Softcover 30 60.00
6"x8" Softcover 50 90.00
6"x8" Softcover 100 165.00
8.5"x11" Softcover 20 85.00
8.5"x11" Softcover 30 115.00
8.5"x11" Softcover 50 175.00
8.5"x11" Softcover 100 325.00
6"x8" Wirebound 20 45.00
6"x8" Wirebound 30 60.00
6"x8" Wirebound 50 90.00
6"x8" Wirebound 100 165.00
8.5"x11" Wirebound 20 85.00
8.5"x11" Wirebound 30 115.00
8.5"x11" Wirebound 50 175.00
8.5"x11" Wirebound 100 325.00

Giftboxes (Books)

Size Price
10"x13" 45.00
6"x8" 20.00
8.5"x11" 25.00

Extra Pages (Books)

Size Price
10"x13" 7.00
6"x8" 3.00
8.5"x11" 5.00


Size Cover Option Pages Price
10.4"x13" 12 months Wall hanging 25 79.00
8"x10" 12 months Desktop 25 79.00


Size Extra Price
12"x18" 25.00
12"x18" frame 249.00


Size Type Price
4"x6" Single photo 9.90
4"x6" Multiple photo 12.90